Is cancer curable?

We often get stunned with the news of cancer in the family.  This is the last topic that one wants to discuss or have something to do with. Nevertheless, recent survey shows an increasing number of cancer patients and that is an indication that more of us will have to deal with the condition, whether we like it or not. It is true that cancer is a dreadful word and has cost countless patients their life. The good news is that 80% of cancers today are absolutely curable. Well this seems to be some good information for all those living in perpetual fear of cancer. According to cancer specialist mohali, all patients of cancer should get yearly check up done once cured and if they don’t show any signs of cancer coming back, chances are that they have been successfully treated for cancer. Visit the best oncologist Chandigarh for more information. There are more than 100 kinds of cancer and each of them has a different treatment.

 There are basically three factors that affect the success of the treatment of cancer. First of all it is the kinds of cancer, the stage of cancer and thirdly, how receptive and responsive is the patient to the disease. If the cancer gets detected at an early stage, there is every chance that the cancer can get conquered. This is the reason women are advised to go to a breast cancer specialist, at least once a year to get a through check up for any early signs of cancer. There are still some cancers that are completely curable even at an advanced stage such as Testicular cancer, Large cell lymphoma and Choriocarcinoma Cancer.

According to cancer doctor Chandigarh, there is always a relation between food and cancer. It has been found that Vitamin B deficiency can bring out some changes in certain tissues, especially the area around mouth and lips and this can lead to cancer. Red meat, and fried food is suspected to be the leading cause behind cancer. . Green veggies and fresh fruits are known to keep cancer at bay. As prevention is always better than cure, according to the cancer specialist Mohali, it is best to take a healthy diet and do some daily exercises.

 When cancer is detected early, it is easier to treat them as the affected area is still small. They can be shrunk further with chemotherapy or radiation therapy or removed surgically. Even advanced cancers that have spread to different parts are curable. Some cancers , at very advanced stages are difficult treat, Still, the patient is given the best

therapy  and as the cancer doctor Patiala says, the disease may not be 100% curable but still, it is able to extend the person’s life and make it more promising.

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