What to Be Prepared to Write a Fictional Book Report

Book reports are the documents that are widely used in every educational level or course to widen the understanding of students. Particularly, book report based on fiction requires some of the basic information that is often not completely understood by the students, when they come to write custom book report. Here is the guide given, which may help you in understanding the most essential information required to include in the kind of book report writing.

  • Initial Information

Initial information such as student’s full name, publisher’s name, book title, full name of book author and total number of book pages should be included at the start of paper, since it helps in understanding the basics of the book being reviewed.

  • The Plot

A brief description of what the book is about should be included in certain type of assignment, along with the collection and arrangement of concepts, or incidents included in the book to create a complete story.

  • The Setting

All books are consisted of particular settings, in which the certain action or story is undertaken. In paper, it must be included for understanding historical and cultural background of the characters with their emotional conditions.

  • The Characters

The characters are the imaginary people formed by the writer; therefore, in paper writing task like this, students should make sure that they include following descriptions:

Protagonist – Major character of the story

Antagonist – Character that is against to the protagonist

Minor Character – Character that illuminates the protagonist

Static Character – Character that remains same throughout the story

Dynamic Character – Character that may change in some situation

Explicit Judgment – Character that narrates fact and interprets comment

Implied Judgment – Character that gives description, so that reader makes judgment

  • The Theme

Theme is a general idea that author expresses in the book, which may deal with experience, life, death, love, sanity, society, reality, or appearance. It can be single or twofold in nature; also can be based on imaginations. It is supposed to be included in paper to understand the situation or story of the book.

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